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28th October 2019

11th September

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3rd September

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2018 National Hedgelaying Championship

Lark Rise Farm, Barton, Cambridgeshire CB23 7AR

Saturday 27th October 2018

By Kind Permission of the Countryside Restoration Trust

Hedgelaying Results

Supreme Champion: Tim Radford (South of England Open Class)

Sponsored by

Sponsored by Stihl

Sponsored by Readyhedge

Tim Radford
Midland Open
1stMalcolm Johnson
2ndClive Matthew
3rdSteve Budding
4thHefin Davies
Midland Intermediate
1stDavid Walker
2ndMark Palmer
3rdPaul Crothers
4thRichard Clayson
Welsh Open
1stMark Pritchard
2ndCarwyn Jones
3rdRita Jones
4thBrian Price
Sponsored by R.D. Farms
Derby Open
1stGraham Teece
2ndGiles Bennett
3rdBadger Walker
4thGary Moore
South of England Open
1stTim Radford
2ndMike Bentley
3rdStephen Mockford
4thNigel Adams
South of England Intermediate
1stClive Gilligan
2ndDavid Droscher
3rdGraham West
4thMarcus Broome
Lancs. & Westmorland Open
1stPete Gibson
2ndCraig Proctor
3rdAndrew Kirkwood
4thSteven Boyes
Sponsored by Sir James Cropper
Lancs. & Westmorland Junior
1stJohn Handley
2ndAidan Handley
3rdJames Yates-Bell
4thJames Dodgson
Sponsored by Sir James Cropper
Yorkshire Open
1stTony Leonard
2ndDamon Peacock
3rdDavid Boyson
4thTorquil Varty
Devon Open
1stAndrew Burrough
2ndColin Risdon
3rdGeorge Pidgeon
4thSteve McCulloch
Devon Intermediate
1stDan Strawbridge
2ndHeath Cregan
3rdRob Sturmey
4thJohn Sadey
Sponsored by Mrs C J Parris
North Somerset Open
1stPaul Gulliford
2ndAlex Bown
3rdChris Chivers
4thColin Clutterbuck
North Somerset Intermediate
1stDave Brackley
2ndJasper Prachek
3rdClive Bethell
4thRob Wood
Dorset Open
1stTerry Coombe
2ndRussell Woodham
3rdTim Frampton
4thSteve Eldridge
Sponsored by Mrs Gillian Worth
Cheshire Open
1stHeather Swift
2ndAnthony Hammond
3rdSteve Yandell
4thAndy Brown

Other Awards
Best Midland Veteran Clive Matthew
Best South of England Veteran Clive Gilligan
Best Welsh Veteran Rita Jones
Best Overall Veteran Terry Coombe
Best Work on a Poor Length John Walker
Best Staking & Binding – Midland Style Malcolm Johnson
Best Staked Length – Derby Style Graham Teece
Best Young Farmer Dan Strawbridge
Best Lady Competitor Heather Swift
Best Under 21 Competitor John Handley
Oldest Competitor Chris Smith
Youngest Competitor Aidan Handley
Best Intermediate Cutter Dave Brackley
Best Midland Regrowth David Walker
Best Regrowth – Derbyshire Style Graham Teece
Best Summer Hedge – Lancs. & Westmorland Andrew Kirkwood
Best Regrowth – South of England Mike Bentley
Best Regrowth – South of England Veteran Geoff Pitt
Best Regrowth – Devon Richard Hooker
Best Regrowth – N. Somerset Alex Bown
Best Regrowth – Dorset Steve Eldridge
Best Regrowth – Yorkshire Charlie Calvert
Best Regrowth – Cheshire Andy Brown
Best Regrowth Overall Richard Hooker (Devon)

Raffle & Draw

Winning Raffle Tickets
1st Prize11159Dawn Matthew
2nd Prize01428Louise Gardner
3rd Prize14495Graham Jones
4th Prize13122DWS
5th Prize00244Anthony Hammond
6th Prize13069Derek Smith
7th Prize13565Graham West
8th Prize14805Simon Bethell
9th Prize14272Stella Whitaker
10th Prize05634Toby
11th Prize10533Gethin Jones
12th Prize13055Janet Kirk
13th Prize04243Graham Jones
14th Prize04658Mark Pritchard
15th Prize14044Mandy Woodham
16th Prize15085A Harris
17th Prize11369J Barber
18th Prize12660L Dickinson
19th Prize00101Louise Feller
20th Prize04283John Exton
21st Prize04190John Exton
22nd Prize04654Mark Pritchard
23rd Prize13879Colin Risdon
24th Prize13202Sandra Fryer
25th Prize01855Eppinger
26th Prize02271Ian Connabeer
27th Prize11034Andy Ford
28th Prize04353J Sady
29th Prize11040Andy Ford
30th Prize00303Keedwell
31st Prize02188Ruth
32nd Prize14328William Cross
33rd Prize13439Tony Leonard
34th Prize00805Lisa
35th Prize00063HP
36th Prize14002D Pitman
37th Prize04290Will Bell
38th Prize04132Marcus Webb
39th Prize12007Ray Dyson
40th Prize14685Roger Craig
41st Prize13103DWS
42nd Prize03216Popkin
43rd Prize14327William Cross
44th Prize15685Phillip Powell
45th Prize00304Keedwell
46th Prize15668Brian Price
47th Prize01961Janice Lyle
48th Prize05085Ramsey
49th Prize01065Carwyn Jones
50th Prize14677Joe Craig

Championship Sponsors

The National hedgelaying Society is grateful to the following organisations for their generous sponsorship of the 2018 Championship.

We are also grateful for the generous donations given by the following individuals:

  • Sir James Cropper – Sponsor of the Lancs. & Westmorland classes.
  • Mrs Gillian Worth – Sponsor of the Dorset class.
  • Mr Robin Dale of RD Farms – Who sponsored the Welsh Open class.
  • Mrs C J Parris – Who sponsored the Devon Intermediate class.
  • Mrs Claire Maymon – Who sponsored the Best Lady competition.