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11th September

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3rd September

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7th July 2019

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2015 National Hedgelaying Championship

Chew Valley Lake, Somerset

Saturday 24th October 2015

Hedgelaying Results

Class 1: Midland Open
1stMalcolm Johnson
2ndJonathon Stafford
3rdSteven Leslie
4thAlan Ashby
Class 2: Midland Intermediate
1stDavid Walker
2ndJohn Exton
3rdGraham Teece
4thTony Wilsden
Class 3: Welsh Open
1stRita Jones
2ndMark Pritchard
3rdCarwyn Jones
4thNeville Powell
Class 4: Derby
1stJP Walker
2ndGary Moore
3rdJasper Prachek
4thBadger Walker
Class 5: South of England Open
1stPaul Matthews
2ndNigel Adams
3rdMike Bentley
4thTony Gallow
Class 6: South of England Veterans
1stDave Truran
2ndRoger Taylor
3rdClive Gilligan
4thFrank Wright
Class 7: Lancs. & Westmorland Open
1stAndrew Kirkwood
2ndPeter Gibson
3rdRob Bell
4thJohn Gibson
Class 7a: Lancs. & Westmorland Junior
1stThomas Kendall
2ndMichael Todd
Class 8: Yorkshire
1stDamon Peacock
2ndDavid Boyson
3rdTony Leonard
4thNigel Jackson
Class 9: Devon
1stColin Risdon
2ndWillow Drew
3rdAndrew Burrough
4thSteve McCulloch
Class 10: North Somerset
1stColin Clutterbuck
2ndAlex Bown
3rdMike Reed
4thTom Vowles
Class 11: Dorset
1stEdward Goodfellow
2ndRussell Woodham
3rdJohn Sibthorp
4thRobert Wood
Paul Matthews

Supreme Champion: Paul Matthews (South of England)

Other Awards
Best Work on a Poor Length Rob Bell
Best Staked Length – Derbyshire Style JP Walker
Best Overall Staking & Binding David Smith
Best Young Farmer Craig Proctor
Overall Veteran Alan Ashby
Best Competitor Under 21 Thomas Kendall
Best Lady Rita Jones
Oldest Competitor Peter Flint
Youngest Competitor Thomas Kendall
Best Midland Regrowth John Exton
Best Regrowth – Derbyshire Style Jasper Prachek
Best Summer Hedge – Lancs. & Westmorland Craig Proctor
Best Regrowth – South of England Geoff Pitt
Best Regrowth – South of England Veteran Clive Gilligan
Best Regrowth – Somerset & Devon Steve McCulloch
Best Regrowth – Yorkshire Damon Peacock
Best Regrowth Overall Damon Peacock
Best Intermediate Cutter David Walker