National Hedgelaying Society

New NHLS Subscription Rates

At the National Hedgelaying Society AGM on Saturday 25th March members agreed to increase the annual subscriptions rates. This will be effective from 1st June 2017.

The new rates are:

Juniors (Under 18 years of age) Free

Ordinary Members £20 (Please note there are no concessionary Rates)

Contract Members £75 (This is all inclusive of membership)

Affiliated Groups £50.

Life Members Free. (£55 charge if advertising as a contractor)

If your subscription falls due on or after the 1st June 2017 you should pay the new rates. If you currently pay by standing order please contact your bank to amend this to the new rate. Any annual subscriptions paid at the old rates after the change date will be credited pro-rata.

So why are we Increasing Subscriptions?

It is now over eight years since subscription rates were increased and clearly in that time costs have also increased; each member now costs us approximately £9.50 per annum to provide Newsletters, and carry on the day to day administration of the organisation. This is clearly not a sustainable situation and the increases are intended to reflect a more equal share in contributions to the NHLS.

Members are our volunteer workforce and we would urge any members to contact the secretary if they feel that they are able to give their time to help in some way.

The younger generation are the future of hedgelaying and it is part of the ethos of the NHLS to encourage these people in whatever way we can. To that end all our member can help by encouraging and recruiting younger members.

You can also assist by keeping administrative costs down; please make sure that (if you have one) we know your e-mail address and Mobile phone number, electronic communication for general correspondence reduces the cost of stationery and postage and enables us to use the money saved in more productive ways.

Allan Portas
NHLS Treasurer